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Astar Jewellery's "Rising Star" Collection pays tribute to the ambitious,confident woman who shines brighter than her success.

Every woman is an achiever, whether she is a devoted daughter, or a loving wife and mother, or a motivated professional.The spectacular bracelets from our collection ‘Rising Star’ pay tribute to these triumphs in her life.

The most significant feature of every design is the cluster of baguette and round diamonds, in various geometrical shapes, placed in a continuous linear style. These clusters represent the milestones achieved by her; it could be a single life-changing achievement or a series of accomplishments leading her progressively to her next goal, to be the woman she aspires to be.

Crafted in 18kt pink and yellow gold, these stunning bracelets are just right for the ambitious, confident woman who shines brighter than her success and triumphs in life.

Asian Star has partnered with MENTORIA (India's first holistic career discovery platform) to run ASIAN STAR'S CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME.

ASIAN STAR has always believed in mentoring its employees and guiding their progress in the chosen field of expertise. We now wish to extend our support to their children and enable them to achieve their dreams of a bright and successful future.

The children of today are exposed to a great deal of media and communication from different fields. This tends to influence their aspirations and outlook of the career path they wish to pursue. Also, with diverse career options available today, deciding on the right choice can be difficult and stressful, not only for the child but also for the parents.

At Asian Star, we wish to make this process effortless for our employees and their children. We want to help them understand which jobs will best complement the natural gifts and passions of their child. And to help them make this informed and accurate decision, we have partnered with MENTORIA (India's first holistic career discovery platform) to run ASIAN STAR'S CAREER GUIDANCE PROGRAMME.

The programme has been designed specifically for children who are in Class 8th to 12th. Both, parents and the child, will get online access to career experts who can help the child discover which educational streams to choose, and to understand the reality of the working world and how to go about planning for the future. The programme will give continued support until the child is successfully settled into the desired career.

This is just the beginning, and we hope to work towards upgrading this programme to deliver more and more value over time.

Hat-trick by the designers of A’Star Jewellery.

It was awards galore for the designers of A’Star Jewellery at The Artisan Awards night held on Feb 12, 2020. Our participating designers excelled among 625 entries and 27 finalists, to pick up three awards in two categories; Harjas Kaur was the winner and Arif Hossain the first runner up under the Art Deco category, and Namrata Bhardwaj was the winner under Neo Futurism category.

 The management congratulates the winners and is proud of their achievement. All three winning pieces were manufactured by A’Star Jewellery.

A’Star Jewellery is all set to stir up a more exciting time at IIJS Signature 2020 with the launch of five vivid jewellery collections.

Using colour and form to help set a mood, emotion and expressiveness have been imbued in each design such that the jewellery speaks for itself. The versatile use of brilliant diamonds is the perfect foil to this eloquence; be it a hint of coloured enamel adding Moroccan charm or a playful spread of glittering diamonds emulating a starburst or the play of matte and glossy surfaces replicating sun-kissed sand or ombré highlights using pink and blue gemstones or diamond clusters conveying luxurious lace motifs, every design is an expression in itself.

Available in 18kt white, yellow and pink gold, these rings, earrings and pendants are an articulation of beauty and add a delightful touch to the wearer’s attire.

This IIJS, A’Star Jewellery brings to life the magic of a blossoming flower in its new collection “Floral Fantasy”.

Drawing inspiration from a canvas of myriad colours and variety, the designs encapsulate the vibrancy and diversity of the much-loved flower. Every piece in the collection is an artistic depiction of nature’s wonderful creation and is intricately crafted using organic floral motifs, round brilliant diamonds and vibrant gemstones.

Add a pop of colour and shine to your fingers with our exquisite range of cocktail rings created in 18kt yellow and white gold.

A’Star Jewellery romances the simple and unpretentious baguette diamonds and unfolds their creative journey with its new collection at IIJS Signature 2019

Commonly used as a side or accent stone, the versatility of the baguette diamond shines through as it plays a pivotal role in this inspired collection. As the designs transpose from simple asymmetrical and random formations to seamless illusion of fancy shapes to entrancing floral motifs and peacock silhouettes, you fall in love with this simple diamond cut.

Created in 18kt white, yellow and pink gold, the diamond studded rings, earrings and pendants offer a wide choice of styles and are a perfect fit for not only the wearer’s wardrobe but also her pocket.

Rendezvous Luxe scintillates for the Sixth time.

RENDEZVOUS LUXE is back with yet another magnificent jewellery collection showcasing a profusion of precious gemstones in various styles, forms and settings. Every piece portrays a distinctive signature style that beckons to the jewellery connoisseur with eclectic taste.

This year the pièce de résistance are the ocean inspired jewels. Using rare blue Akoya pearls and design motifs inspired by the intricate silhouettes of coral reefs, the styling is regal and at the same time enchanting. The Rendezvous Luxe collection was recently showcased at the annual extravaganza hosted by Asian Star at Trident Hotel, Mumbai.