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The all time American Favourite, Hearts and Crosses, will be showcased in 3D format at JCK Las Vegas 2017

A complex play of stunning geometries adds a new dimension to the simple hearts and crosses in our new product line at JCK. The high-impact intricate grid work is detailed with precision and meticulously crafted using latest 3D technology.

This charismatic collection comprises of stylish pendants in 18kt pink and yellow gold, inlaid with diamonds. Though lightweight, these jewelled neck ornaments yet add a bold stroke to everyday wear.

Daily-wear jewellery with a difference unveiled at IIJS Signature 2017

To celebrate the free-spirited Indian woman who takes delight in exploring different paths, be it her career or everyday life, A’Star Jewellery has fashioned a range of exclusive jewellery ideal for work-wear and daily social jaunts. Jewellery that allows her to express her individuality and be as bold or quirky or demure as the mood demands. Jewellery which asserts - Be Different, Be You.

Drawing inspiration from the boundless wonders of nature, Flight of Fancy is interplay of whimsical, youthful and ultra feminine designs with brilliant diamonds and 3D organic motifs. Based on the latest technology in 3D manufacturing, Matrix Bijoux is a visual feast of stunning geometries in complex 3D form; an intricate grid work of fine detailing and layering that is near impossible to replicate by conventional manufacturing. Awe-inspiring Chimera collection crafted using baguettes and round diamonds, captures the essence of the magnificent Emerald cut. The seamless blending of shapes creates an illusion of Emerald cut diamond that sparkles far beyond reality, and is available for a fraction of the real price.Twine Twist is an array of contemporary designs that portray perfect balance between charm and elegance. Clever juxtaposition of diamond-studded lattice with unconventional twisted shapes bestows a distinctive style to every piece.This diverse ensemble of diamond-studded designs in 18K yellow, white and pink gold is offered at affordable price points suitable for everyday wear.

"Rendezvous Luxe" Enchants Once Again

Asian Star hosted Rendezvous Luxe, a couture diamond jewellery extravaganza in its fourth year running, for Mumbai’s elite at Trident.

Inspired by the ‘Enchanted’ theme, the jewellery collections were an exquisite reflection of nature’s beauty. Organic shapes and motifs were creatively styled into masterpieces that were majestic and at the same time entrancing. In keeping with the theme, the interior ambience with mystical lighting and displays made for a perfect setting.